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Future of Granville Theatre In Doubt. Owners Face £1million Losses & Insolvency.

Co-owners of Ramsgate’s Granville Theatre, Matthew Milchard and  Zarah and Parisa Tarjomani, face insolvency and losses totaling  almost £1million as their business empire appears close to collapse.

According to documents published on the Companies House Website on 30th January 2024, Under One Roof (Kids) Ltd which is owned by Milchard,   and is understood to have operated  a nursery in Woolwich south east London,   has been declared insolvent.

The company’s debts include unpaid staff wages, a long list of unpaid suppliers, and an outstanding loan from HSBC which together total  a staggering £621,077.

Related company, Under One Roof Kids Thanet Limited,  which

is jointly owned by  Milchard  and the Tarjomani  sisters, appears to be in serious financial difficulties too. Its  latest accounts up to 31 March 2022 show it to have made losses of £273,343.

Its  accounts up to 31 March 2023 must be submitted to Companies House next month. Unless they show a dramatic financial improvement, could  it be the case that Under One Roof Kids Thanet Limited might also go into liquidation?

They say bad news  comes in threes and this tale is no exception. A third  related company,  Under One Roof Kids Canterbury  Limited, again owned by Milchard  and the Tarjomani  sisters reported losses £53,199 up until  31 March 2022.  

With its accounts for 2023 due to  Companies House next month even more bad financial news might be heading Milchard and the Tarjomani sisters’ way.

Not being a  business expert one thing which perplexes me is that  Westwood One Theatre Limited, which is owned by  Milchard  and the Tarjomani  sisters, and which owns the freehold of the Granville Theatre, is also a co-owner of the loss making Under One Roof Kids Canterbury  Limited. This web of company links is indeed confusing.

But confusion aside it would be reasonable to believe that Milchard and  the Tarjonami’s are in serious financial trouble and that the  £1million insolvency and losses are likely to spell the end of their  Under One Roof childcare empire.

Worse still the collapse of the Under One Roof  empire may well have a very serious knock on  impact upon the future of the Granville Theatre. 

If this is so,  then it could be argued that last year’s fiasco about the sale of the theatre (see links below ) was much more than a mistake for which estate agents Lovetts were thrown under the bus and forced to publicly apologize for.

I believe that last year’s Granville sale debacle was supposed to be a secret plan for Milchard and  the Tarjonami’s to bail out from the theatre should their investments turn sour and should money get tight, which now seems to be the case.

The likelihood that  Lovett’s or some other estate agency are rubbing their hands in anticipation of  commission from  a bumper £1.5 million theatre sale is I think becoming greater by the day.

But don’t forget that last year Milchard and the Tarjonami’s were spinning  barely credible yarns about the leaked theatre sale and were issuing legal threats like confetti to anyone who was critical of them.  I expect we shall see more of the same behavior after I publish this article.

I am led to believe  that Milchard might already  be spinning fantastical yarns about the liquidation of  Under One Roof Kids London whose staff worked incredibly hard to save his business, whilst he is said to  have enjoyed two expensive family holidays, have not yet been paid.

Mr Milchard,  may as a children’s entertainer,  be able to tell a good tale, but he should also know that the moral of most kids stories is that truth and honesty always triumphs. There are enough people out there who know the  truth about Mr. Milchard’s business dealings and are also very honest.

Watch this space.   


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Call Out if you have any information about business dealings of Matthew Milchard and  Zarah and Parisa Tarjomani or any other relevant information please contact me 07866588766  or 100% confidential I never reveal my sources.




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