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Whose Scamming Who? Granville Theatre Bought £125K. Selling For £1.5million

A year ago today, 21 October 2022, Thanet Council sold the Granville Theatre to Westwood One Theatre Ltd for what some would say was the bargain basement price of £125,000.

One year later Westwood One Theatre Ltd appears to have put the Granville back on the market for £1.5million - a huge 1,100% profit on the purchase price.

Even allowing the renovation costs, the profit on the purchase price is still in the 100s of percent increase zone, which is much more than a speculative developer selling a semi- restored property such as the Granville would ever make.

Although it might not be illegal, I believe that this quick sale of what was until a year ago a council owned property, to be a scam or a rip off perpetrated against the council and its tax payers by the owners Westwood One Theatre Ltd who are Matthew Milchard, Parisa Tarjomani, and Zarah, Tarjomani.

It is Zarah Tarjomani who previously described objectors to the Granville’s application for a late night drinking licence as “whingers” on Facebook. It is Zarah Tarjomani who is now saying on social media that the theatre is not for sale and that she and her company are themselves victims of scam.

If this is so then why would an advertisement for the sale of the Granville Theatre have been placed on the website of long established Thanet estate agent Lovetts?

If this so then why hasn’t Westwood One Theatre Ltd issued an official statement on social media stating that it has not instructed Lovetts or any other estate agent, to put the Granville on the market now, or at some time in the future, rather than having Zarah Tarjomani simply saying she and her company are being scammed. A rather unprofessional approach to a very serious matter I think.

There is more to this than meets the eye, especially bearing in mind that Westwood One Theatre Ltd has borrowed heavily with the Granville being used as security. Could it be the case the company’s creditors are forcing a sale to get back their loans?

It is also the case that Westwood One Theatre Ltd is itself owned by a series of Under One Roof companies which are all ultimately owned by Matthew Milchard who mysteriously failed to secure permission from TDC to set up a summer holiday water park at the under One Roof Childrens Centre and late night rave and party venue at Pysons Road.

Is it possible that the parent company of Westwood One Theatre Ltd is in financial trouble and cashing in its assets including the Granville?

I think it time for some honesty and for Matthew Milchard and Zarah and Paris Tarjomani to come clean about their intentions for the Granville in manner befitting professional business people rather than sniping at, or blaming, others. It would also be very helpful if estate agents Lovetts wereto make a statement in relation to their instruction to market the Granville.

If Zarah Tarjomani is correct in asserting that she and her company are being scammed or discredited by false and vindictive adverts being placed without proper authority then it would have been wise for her to have contacted the Police rather than wasting time on social media asking people to remove their posts about this matter.

The public of Ramsgate have a right to know whose scamming who?



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