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Granville Theatre. Who Speaks The Truth?

The publication of a £1.5million for sale advertisement for Ramsgate’s Granville Theatre just a year after the property was bought off the council for a derisory £125,000 has caused havoc on social media with fake news mistruths , deceit and abuse circulating like a pandemic. So let’s try to get the bottom of this scandal and find out who speaks, or should be speaking, the truth.

Matthew Milchard and Zara Tarjomani, who according to the Companies House register are both directors of Westwood One Theatre Ltd. This is the company which now owns the Granville. The directors have stated categorically on social media that the theatre is not up for sale and never will be.

If this is true then why earth did Ramsgate estate agents, Lovetts, advertise the property for sale at £1.5million? Lovetts have not denied that they published the advert.

Zara Tarjomani has said that she gave John Lovett a bollocking about the advert and Matthew Milchard has said that Lovetts made a mistake in publishing the advert.

Having established that the advert was published by Lovett’s then the question must be asked who gave the company access to the property to value it and to take marketing photographs, and who instructed the company to publish the for sale advert?

Whatever your view about estate agents might be, Lovetts are not fools or scammers, as Milchard and Tarjomani claim, otherwise the company would no longer exist.

It must therefore be the case that Milchard and/ or the Tarjomanis , or some someone close to them such as a family member, approached Lovett’s about advertising the sale of the property. Someone who Lovett’s genuinely believed to be acting on behalf of the company.

Alternatively it could have been an authorised agent of SDKA Ltd which according to Companies House and Land Registry is a finance company which lent money to Westwood One Theatre Ltd to refurbish and launch the Granville, with the freehold of theatre being charged as security in the event of non-payment, which in these difficult economic times is also a possibility.

Looking at the language used by Milchard and the Zara Tarjomani they both emphasise that the theatre is not currently for sale. Whilst this might be true, it doesn’t mean that the Granville might be for sale next week, next month or in the new year. This fits in nicely with claim by Milchard that Lovetts had made a mistake in publishing the advert. The mistake being advertising the sale too soon.

I believe the truth to be that the Granville is struggling and perhaps operating at a loss. A number of other companies operated by Milchard and the Tarjomanis, also appear to be struggling according accounts posted at Companies House.

The drafting of sale details for the Granville was, I believe, part of advance preparations for its quick sale if financial difficulties made this necessary, whihc would allow them to pay off their lenders.

The only mistake Lovetts made was to prematurely publish the sale details. If I am correct this means Milchard and the Tarjomanis knew all about this from the beginning and more than likely were a part of it. But instead of being honest and truthful the owners of the theatre have sought to heap blame and abuse upon Lovetts. Just as they heaped blame and abuse upon those living close to the theatre who successfully opposed there late night drinking licence application.

Yesterday I called upon Milchard and the Tarjomanis to make an official and truthful statement about the non-sale of the Granville. They have not and have instead encouraged those they have deceived and misled to abuse me and others.

I also called upon another victim of Milchard and the Tarjomanis - Lovett's to make a full and truthful statement about the sale of the Granville. To date they have not, despite the bullying they have been subject to.

I call again for the Granville owners and Lovetts to come clean and let the public decide who speaks the truth.

Call out. If you any information about the the owners of the Granville Theatre whihc might be of interest please let me know on 07866588766 or 100 percent confidential I never reveal my sources.



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