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Margate Charter Trustees: Out Of Touch Medieval Muppets

Mayor of Margate and self-declared “professional” politician, Rob Yates, and his pathetic band of nodding donkeys, the so-called Margate Charter Trustees, just don’t get it, if indeed they ever did get it.

Supposedly representing one of the most deprived coastal communities in the country these pompous prats waste your money on self-indulgent medieval cos-play donning their expensive tricorn hats and robes and parading round town like feudal barons.

Their leader, Margate Mayor Yates, also appears to think that during one of the worst cost of living crises in a generation, it’s a great idea to award random fading celebrities, who have washed up in Margate, such as Tracy Emin and now film director Arnold Schwartzman the freedom of the town, and to fete them with expensive banquets, robes and illuminated scrolls, when many townsfolk wonder where their next meal is coming from, or whether they can afford to pay for their children’s school uniforms.

Even former Margate councillors Iris Johnson and Mick Tomlinson, notable for their un-notability, have been elevated from obscurity by the hapless Yates to become hat and gowned wined and dined Burgress’ of Margate.

And all this at the behest of a non-elected body accountable to nobody apart from their foolish, out of touch, selves.

What make this sickening charade worse is the fact the

Medieval Muppet & Margate Mayor Rob Yates

Charter Trustees are dominated by Labour councillors including Mayor Yates, Harry Scobie, Allan Currie, Heather Keen, Martin Boyd, Ruth Duckworth, Jack Packman and Helen Whitehead.

Surely as members of a supposedly socialist party it is their job to be putting the interests of thousands of struggling Margate people first, rather than kissing the backsides of those who are hugely wealthy at tawdry toy town banquets paid for by poncing off the poor and vulnerable.

The Margate Charter Trustees and its champagne socialist bosses should be abolished. Its valuable gold regalia confiscated melted down as scrap and its gowns of office sold off on eBay, with the proceeds invested in food and school uniform banks and cost of living hardship funds to help those having a tough time.

The Mayoralty of Margate and its Charter Trustees are medieval muppets who have no place in a modern democracy. It time for a revolution to rid ourselves of the dressed up fools who put feudal tradition before the vulnerable and poor of the town they lord over.



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