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Labour’s Mission For Britain. Who Tells The Truth? "Parachute" Polly Or Sir Keir Starmer?

So this morning Labour Boss, Sir Keir Starmer spent a long and boring 45 minutes explaining how his Labour Party had a mission to save Britain. The only time my ears pricked during what was a cliched, clap-trap ridden, oration was when he said he wanted to build a “fairer, greener, future” for us all.

Disappointingly, Sir Keir qualified his low-flying hopes and ambition by saying that every time he raised his “fairer, greener, future” mission, those in the room who were not already asleep or in the khazi snorting coke, placed their heads in their hands, let out primal screams of disbelief.

Perhaps one of those in the room pissing on Sir Keir’s self-righteous parade was Hackney Councillor and wannabe North Tyneside, Thurrock, Derby, and now South Thanet MP -“Parachute” Polly Billington.

In the short time Polly has been here we have discovered that the environmental networking company which she personally controls took a half million pound donation from the IKEA charitable foundation in 2021.

The foundation is funded by a company which is widely reported to have a long and widely known practice of using dubiously sourced timber to make its furniture. The company is also claimed to be aggressively anti trade union and reputedly one the biggest tax-dodgers on the planet.

The receipt of a such a considerable sum of money, especially when the finances of her company didn’t look good might, in my opinion, lead a reasonable person who is aware of the facts to believe that the IKEA grant might, influence her judgment on environmental issues, tax evasion, and trade union rights if she was to be elected as an MP

But despite me calling out, the Hackney Councillor has refused to comment on these important matters which are clearly of great public interest. What does she have to hide?

Poor Sir Keir, just when I was warming to him and his charismatic, inspirational style it would appear that one of his, and his inner circle’s, favoured parliamentary candidates might turn out to be less than happy with his idea of a “fairer, greener, future.

Her evasive remarks about the reopening of Manston Airport, her silence about the council’s polluting and environmentally damaging plans for the Port of Ramsgate and the taking of the IKEA cash might on this occasion cause Sir Keir, not his listeners, to put his head in his hands and let forth a primal scream of disbelief.

If you one are one of those 200-250 people who might be turning out to vote for a Labour Parliamentary candidate on Saturday please, please, bear this in mind. Polly’s controversial decision to accept the IKEA cash and her appalling response to the Manston Airport question will if she is selected, haunt and undermine her credibility to such an extent that what might become a winnable Labour seats, slips out of her fingers.

Those of you were Labour members 5 or 6 years ago will remember well that an extremely strong and able candidate, who many believed to be the firm favourite for selection, was unceremoniously, defeated in the member vote after I had exposed matters relating to their probity and integrity. Members knew that these matters would sit like an albatross on the favourite’s shoulder and wreck the election campaign. I am beginning to have a overwhelming feeling of déjà vu and hope that you will validate my feeling by voting from some other than “Parachute Polly”,

Disclaimer this article and the included image are intended to be part of a semi-satrical article which is permissble, under the terms of my Article 10 Human Right to Free Speech. The views expressed in this aricle are an expression my own honest opinion.



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