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Chief Executive Homer’s Coaching Shock. Council Wants Money Back?

A damning report into the management of TDC, which was published last week, recommended that alleged serial workplace bully, Chief Executive Madeleine Homer be required to enter into a formal coaching/mentoring arrangement.

But wait! Confirmed by several sources, I can now reveal that Homer is alleged to have already taken part in a formal coaching/mentoring arrangement which is said to have been ongoing since 2018 at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds to the taxpayer.

A spokesperson told me:-

“this is very embarrassing for the council. It would appear that despite all the expensive coaching and mentoring we arranged for Maddie, allegations about her workplace bullying have increased rather decreased. Clearly, this expensive bespoke personal support package has had the opposite effect to what we intended making things worse rather than better. We are now consulting our lawyers to see if we can recover the not insignificant public funds we wasted in fruitless efforts to transform stoned face Maddie into a touchy, feely, carebear boss person who is kind to animals and her staff”.

Former coach & mentor Robert Maxwell

My research has revealed that the tens of thousands invested by TDC into Homer’s personal development were paid to the internationally famous and highly respected businessman Robert Maxwell.

Leaked reports confirm that he was appointed to support Homer because of his impeccable corporate governance credentials, his collegiate leadership style, his insistence upon openness and transparency, and his much applauded commitment to his hardworking staff, including the provision an industry leading pension scheme.

Sadly, it’s extremely unlikely that TDC can recover any of its wasted fees from Maxwell, who is reported to have fallen overboard from his billionaire yacht which was moored at the new berth 4 in Ramsgate Port several weeks ago. No body has been recovered.

New coach Harvey Weinstein

The good news is that a replacement coach/ mentor has now been found for Homer. The world famous movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

A clearly delighted council officer told me:-

“We were incredibly lucky to secure Harvey’s services. I believe that Hollywood superstar Sam Mendes, who is currently filming his blockbuster production Empire in Margate, helped to clinch the deal. He told Harvey all about Thanet and what a great place it is for a creative colossus such as he, and how well it is managed and led by Maddie”

The officer added:-

Harvey fits perfectly into TDC's corporate culture. He is

Gavin Waite "Keep him away from casting couches & unaccompanied female members of staff"

the personal friend of several US Presidents, current and past, and knows how to work with powerful people like Maddie . He is renowned for his commitment to equalities and human rights and his outspoken criticism of bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace. Harvey is also a famous international expert on non-disclosure agreements, having spent £millions on investigating them. This should be an enormous help to Maddie who is fast becoming a rising star in the world of local government NDAs and gagging orders.

Talks with Weintein's parole officer indicate that the US authorties are happy for him to have supervised release from jail allowing him to make regular visits to Thanet to coach and mentor Maddie. It has been agreed that TDC Corporate Director, and Homer's boyfriend Gavin Waite, supervise Harvey and ensure he is kept away from casting couches and unaccompanied female members of staff "

Any News? Any Shenanigans? Any Leaks?

Please contact me. I never ever reveal my sources.




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