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Yeee Haaa!! Outlaws In Charge As Thanet Looses 2 Sheriffs In 2 Months

Two Guns Tim

Howdy folks. They say Local Government Monitoring Officers are like wild west sheriffs who were hired to enforce law and order in otherwise ungovernable districts.

Well there’s no doubting that under the management of Chief Executive Madeline Homer TDC has become lawless and badly governed That‘s why auditors Grant Thornton produced a damning report about the council and its leadership last year, and why ano external investigator will be publishing an eagerly anticipated report next week about the management of TDC.

But whilst the investigators investigate the sheriffs have fallen.

In February Tim “Two Guns” Howes was run out of town for making a ‘disproportionate, ill judged, inappropriate and unreasonable” report of fraud to the police.

His successor Estelle “Calamity” Culligan was, this week, widely reported to be hanging up her pistols and riding into the sunset. Presumably because, in the wake of the forthcoming investigators report, things are likely to get mighty rough at TDC, with a high body count of top honchos expected.

Rumour has it that a search for new sheriff is now underway

Wyatt Earp

to manage the unruly district council. Word in the saloons is that a tough, no nonsense, Wyatt Earp type is being sought to keep the ornery critters that run the council under control.

But folks like Earp don’t come cheap. From what I hear a Monitoring Officer with his qualities will cost Thanet’s townsfolks around £1,500 a day – a lot of money for a gunslinging law enforcer.

But such is TDCs reputation in the wild world of local government that even this generous fistful of dollars might not attract a suitable candidate.

Perhaps a few dollars more might get us a posse of Clint Eastwoods who can drive the alleged bullies from their Cecil Square ranch house hideout, and like their campanero, Two Gun Tim, run em outta town? Yeee Haaa!!



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