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Unlawful Stour Marina Seeks Licence. Please Object

The developer of an unlawful marina located close to Pegwell Bay has applied to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) for a retrospective marine license to complete the works which were started without permission earlier this year. The application is listed on the MMO website register which can be found here:-

The case reference is MLA/2023/00236. Enter the case reference in the search box and the application summary will appear. Links to the case documents can be viewed and downloaded from here and you can also make representations for or against the application from here too. All representations must be submitted by 19th September 2023.

I will be opposing the application. My objections are the that the marina will cause:-

· Water pollution

· Noise pollution

· Light pollution

All of which will damage the protected areas and wildlife in which the marina will be situated. It is also the case that the marina development is in breach of the Dover District Plan which does not permit developments such as this if they lack substantial mitigation measures, which is certainly the case here.

You can read my submission here:-

Dear Marine Management Organisation
Download PDF • 149KB

If you care about the unique natural heritage of the River Stour and Pegwell Bay and the plants and animals who live there I would urge you, as quickly possible, to oppose this development by submitting you objections via the online website above.

I would also urge you to contact the following organisations and ask them to oppose the application too:-

Sandwich Town Council

The Port of Sandwich and Haven Commissioners

Dover District Council Planning portfolio holder

Kent Wildlife Trust



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