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Parachute Polly Packs Her IKEA Bags & Says Goodbye To Hackney

Labour’s  election candidate   for the new parliamentary seat of Thanet East, “Parachute” Polly Billington has unceremoniously dumped her constituents in  the Hackney Council ward of Du Beauvoir and resigned  her seat to focus on defeating Craig Mackinlay in the soon to be held general election.

Barring any unexpected shocks, such as the election of an independent candidate, her chances of winning look good, and to be fair a Labour victory  at the polls might be marginally better than what we have now.

But  beware. Polly Billington is very ambitious.  Winning in Thanet is for her just the beginning of her  ascension up the greasy pole of political promotion.

My guess is that should she take the Thanet East seat then just like her  constituents in Hackney, her constituents here will be left in the lurch as she devotes most of  her time winning over Labour power brokers to support her  getting a cabinet job. If her plans  succeed then of course her time will be taken up by  “affairs of state” in London with a bag carrier stand in taking her place in Thanet.

In many ways the good people  of Hackney   Du Beauvoir ward will be better off than  the voters of Thanet East. For them her political  ambition led Polly  to resign her seat and go to Thanet. Much to the relief of socialists and greens in area I am told.  Here  I fear we will  be  saddled with a sharp elbowed, self important, gravy train riding absentee MP for many years to come.




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