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Illegal Marina Touts For Jet Ski Business Near Protected Pegwell Bay Seal Nursery

I’m appalled to discover that the illegal Coastal Marina development close to Pegwell Bay, which is currently being investigated by Dover District Council and the Marine Management Organization for breaches of planning and environmental law, has published on its Facebook page, an open invitation to jet skiers to make use of it facilities for “minimal charges”

This money making invitation comes at a time when the Kent Wildlife Trust is warning water users to steer well clear of the Pegwell Bay seal colony which is located close to the Coastal Marina site, especially now that the seal pupping season is about to begin.

So concerned is the Wildlife Trust about the jet-skiers antics at Pegwell Bay that the organsiation has reported some of them to the Police for disturbing the seals. I wonder how many of these disruptive seal scaring jet skiers were using Coastal Marina?

But even if they were I doubt it would worry the owner of

Coastal Marina, Mr Carl Davis, who doesn’t seem to give a dam about following the rules and regulations protecting the River Stour from unalwful development, or the welfare of the seal colony which is very close to his illegal development.

Instead, Mr Davis, prefers to use his illegal marina to extract cash from Jet skiers and other river users, many of whom are likely to be disturbing the seals in Pegwell Bay.

I have reported this matter to Dover District Council. I hope that, along with the Marine Management Organisation, they will close down the activities of Mr Davis. A person I believe to be an environmental and wildlife criminal.

Here are the links to my other articles about Mr Davis. I am sure you agree that there is no place for his business on the River Stour

Here is the link to the Kent Wildlife Trust article about the Pegwell seals

Call out if you have any information you might think is of interest to please let me know. I can be contacted by email or 07866588766. I never, ever ,reveal my sources. 100% confidentiality.



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