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Helen Whitehead’s Dishonest Herne Bay & Sandwich Parliamentary Candidacy

So Helen Whitehead claims  that she “was selected to  stand in the General Election for the new Parliamentary seat of  Herne Bay and Sandwich” (formerly the Thanet North constituency & including Garlinge, Westgate and Birchington). Sorry Helen, but you must be playing a joke on  the voters!  

The truth is that you were not, as you would have  us  believe ,  “selected” by a process which most people assume includes a democratic vote of local  party members.

You were in fact appointed   and “imposed” upon party members and voters of Herne Bay and Sandwich by a secretive cabal of Labour apparatchiks who  with your compliance,  have like Pound Shop Putins arrogantly decided that they know what’s best for local people.


I noticed that your election pledge to the voters of  Herne Bay and Sandwich  promises to “promote constructive democratic debate”.  With all due disrespect what utter hypocritical BS you spout!

Your rung  on the  greasy ladder of self- serving  political ambition was  not gained by you winning  a fair and square democratic debate between  yourself and those who also aspired  to be Labour’s candidate  for the Herne Bay and Sandwich constituency, but by colluding with a profoundly anti-democratic  suppression of any debate and membership vote to decide who would be the best Labour candidate for the this parliamentary seat.

If you were an honest and principled person, which is what most people expect from their wannabe MPs, and if you really are the democrat your election pledge claims you to be, then you would have rejected your  imposition upon the Labour Party members and public of Herne Bay and Sandwich and insisted upon an open and democratic  selection process, rather than  sneaking in like a coward under the radar of honesty and accountability.

Indeed,  sources tell me that had a normal  selection  process been carried out it would not be you who secured the candidacy. There were I understand  some very capable candidates to choose from.

What matters here is  that the Seven Principles of Public Life require all  politicians, including aspiring MPs,  to act with integrity and honesty at all times. But you have not.

To falsely inflate your credibility  and  legitimacy  you have,  I believe,  deliberately and cynically misled the public into believing the commonly held view that your selection was the result of a fair and democratic internal process when it was in the eyes of many the total opposite.

If you can’t be honest about a matter as simple as how you became a parliamentary  candidate what other, much more serious  matters,  would  you deceive, misled and perhaps even lie to you constituents about  were you, God forbid, to become the MP for  Herne Bay and Sandwich.

Thankfully this is unlikely. Word is that many of those members of the Labour Party who were not allowed to democratically  select  the Party’s Herne Bay a Sandwich parliamentary candidate will not be turning out to help Helen and may instead use their time and energy to help out elsewhere.

Call Out If you have information about  Helen Whitehead  and her suitability to be an MP please contact me in confidence on 07866588766 or  I never ever reveal my sources.




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