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East Thanet Candidate Billington’s Honesty & Green Credentials Sink In Minster Marshes

Labour’s election candidate for the Thanet East constituency,  Polly Billington, has  yet again revealed what I believe to be her hypocritical  and fake claim to be an environmentalist.

When recently asked by the Isle of Thanet News whether she supports  the campaign to Save Minster marshes the self-proclaimed “life-long environmentalist” refused,  to my disbelief, to give a straight yes or no answer. In fact, she failed to give any answer at all.

Bearing in mind the scale of  the environmental and ecological  devastation which will be caused by National Grid’s plans for the marshes and the strong, rapidly growing, opposition to them, it is impossible to believe  that any self-respecting environmentalist would refuse to support and stand in solidarity with the thousands of local people who want to save Minster marshes.  But, this is precisely what Billington has done, and not to put too fine a point on it, she has stabbed the save he marshes campaigners, many of whom she hopes will vote for her,  in the back.

To be fair to Billington maybe there is an explanation for her  abandonment of  her supposed green credentials. Yes there is,  but sadly instead of redeeming her, it only serves, in my opinion, to show her to be an even greater environmental hypocrite than I already believed her to be.

In 2016 Billington founded a company called UK100 which

campaigns for Net Zero emissions across the UK’s  local government network. Billington was UK100’s Chief Executive until 2023 and remains  a  major shareholder and director of  the company.

On her watch as company boss and afterwards UK100  has  been taking cash  from  the multi-£billion privatized National Grid  which  is the company behind the plans to destroy Minster marshes.  Precisely how much cash  UK100 has grabbed I don’t know. I have asked UK100 this question but never  received a  reply. My guess is that it must be tens of £thousands if not more.

National Grid  is described in  UK100’s  publications as being “a founding and valued member of “UK100’s Business Supporters Network”. It is highly likely that this supporters network is the source of considerable cash for UK100.  


National Grid is also reported to have supported and sponsored UK100’s  “exclusiveroundtable discussions about energy plans across the UK, from which us non-exclusive energy bill payers are no doubt excluded. National Grid has also sponsored some of UK100’s publications.


National Grid itself says that it “is proud to be partnering UK100” and  “We would like to thank the brilliant UK100 team and members for their work at this vital time. We know that if we work together we can all help create a strong, sustainable future for all”


Just like  her questionable million pound funding from  international greenwashing  giant IKEA (see link to my  previous story below),  it now appears the under Polly’s control her company became and remains a disreputable green washer for National Grid which  like IKEA  is also a multi-national,  muti-£billion turnover  company accused of many environmentally damaging actions.


This may explain why wannabe MP Billington refused to provide the Isle of Thanet News with a straight answer to a straight question  about Minster marshes, because she didn’t want to bite the hand of the company which feeds UK100. Hence her evasive response to the Isle of Thanet News, despite National Grid’s  horrendous plans for the marshes.


Politicians, whether elected or seeking election,  are expected to adhere to the Seven Principles of Public Life. One of the these principles is Integrity and says that politicians:


must avoid placing themselves under any obligation to people or organisations that might try inappropriately to influence them in their work. They should not act or take decisions in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends. They must declare and resolve any interests and relationships”.


If a politician faces such conflicts of  interest  then he or she must publicly declare them. I can find no reference in Billington’s  published response to the Isle of Thanet News’ questions about Minster  marshes that her company received money from National Grid plc to fund its work. Is she had  integrity at all she would have done so.  


This lack of honesty and candor with the voters of the Thanet East constituency leads to me believe that  Polly Billington is a self-serving, dishonest,  green-washer who cannot be trusted to be truthful  with her voters and is not fit to hold public office.


On 4th July I will be voting for a Green MP for Thanet South and would ask you do the same.



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Dave Armstrong
Dave Armstrong
Jul 02


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