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Chickens More Important Than Voters Says Labour’s Absentee Nethercourt Candidate

First they had Lazy Liz, who failed to attend a single council meeting for 6months. Now the long suffering people of Ramsgate's Nethercourt ward have absentee Anne-Marie who, apart from popping up for the odd selfie, is said to have gone missing in action leaving others to do the election canvassing in Nethercourt on her behalf.

Not only has she allegedly skived off from meeting the voters of Nethercourt ,whom she hopes to represent on Thanet District Council, but as also added insult by suggesting on a recent Facebook page post that she prefers the company of chickens to going out canvassing and telling people what she stands for.

The arrogant disdain of some politicians for the electorate they are supposed to serve never ceases to surprise me . I asked KFC for a comment about absentee Anne-Marie’s preference for chicken over voters a spokeshen said “roosters wont booster her chances of pulling off an election coup"



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