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Breaking: Thanet Council Director Gavin Waite Suspended. Alleged Sexual Discrimination & Harassment

Less than a week after his girlfriend Madeline Homer, was forced out of her job as Chief Executive of Thanet District Council Corporate Director Communities, Gavin Waite, has, I understand, been suspended from work .

Sources lead me to believe that his suspension is related to allegations of sexual discrimination and harassment, both of which constitute gross misconduct which, if proved, could lead to his sacking from his £104,000 year job at TDC.

Surely Homer, who was until just last week TDC’s CEO, must have been aware for some time of the very serious allegations made against her boyfriend. If so then why didn’t she suspend him before she was removed from her post?

Don’t forget Waite , along with Homer, were both alleged by several independnet and reputable investigators to be workplace bullies, who together created a climate of fear at TDC.

Hopefully, Homer’s departure and news of Waite’s suspension will encourage council staff, who were victims of the duo’s alleged bullying, sexual discrimination and harassment, to come forward with compliants and greivances, without the fear of any recriminations.

Bearing in mind the length of their reign and, until recently, the cross party political cover-up of their alleged misconduct in public office, I feel sure that there must be a sizeable number of serving and former TDC staff who may wish to seek formal apologies ,and perhaps even compensation, from TDC for knowingly breaching its legal duty of care against them.

The last words about what I would describe as being the Homer/ Waite dictatorship at TDC are yet to be written. I will be publishing more about recent developments at the council shortly. Watch this space.

Homer/ Waite dictatorship: What do know? Want to tell?

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